Lorna Brown, Skate of the Art

By Jeffrey the Barak.

An artist is an artist, so it is not unusual to find someone who is known for one type of art, to be prolific in another, or another two or three. In this case, the same mind that creates art through movement of a human on ice, has also produced paintings, jewelry and apparel.

The same mind that took Lorna Brown to the status of world champion, is now creating paintings, jewelry and apparel full of her personality and creativity

A native of North-East England, Lorna Brown honed her skills at the Whitley Bay Ice Rink, and became, firstly the British Professional Champion and then the World Professional Champion. As a coach and choreographer, she went on to help others achieve greatness in the sport that is as much art as it is sport.

Lorna choreographed for innovative skaters such as three time Canadian Champion Emanuel Sandhu, and toured with John Curry’s Skating Company. She performed on Broadway and at the London Palladium with John Curry, and is the original creator of the legendary “Death Spiral”.

As a coach and choreographer, Lorna has worked with Lars Dresler, the Danish champion that she took to the Calgary Olympics,  Kevin Van Der Perren, who was ten times Belgian Champion,  and Jenna McCorkell, who was eleven times the British Champion, among many other very noteworthy skaters.

In the United States, Lorna has worked with five times National Showcase Champion Michelle Hanabusa, and United States Champion Tessa Hong, among many other very noteworthy American skaters.

Years later, we find Lorna, not in Northern England, but in Redondo Beach California, a setting that has become a perfect match for her creativity. While she continues to teach and coach in Southern California, and also jet away to places as far afield as the U.K. and Australia to coach and teach “Skate of the Art” seminars, it is Redondo Beach that has become her environment for the creation of some remarkable paintings, costumes, jewelry and scarves.


On Facebook.com search for: Lorna Brown’s “Paintings”


On Facebook.com search for: Lorna Brown’s “Leonora” Unique Jewelry Designs


On Facebook, search for Lorna Brown’s “Hand Knitted Designer Scarves”

Like many forward-thinking artists, Lorna has forgone the traditional website builds and instead taken to Facebook to share her work with the world. Her important Facebook pages can be found by navigating to:

1. Lorna Brown’s “SKATE of the ART”
2. Lorna Brown’s “Paintings”
3. Lorna Brown’s “Leonora” Unique Jewelry Designs
4. Lorna Brown’s “Hand Knitted Designer Scarves”


Lorna BrownLorna Brown holds a United States PSA level 7 Ranking. (World and Olympic Coach) and is a Master Rated Coach/Choreographer with NISA (UK). She is a former World Professional Champion and starred in three of John Curry’s productions in London and New York and in many Ice Shows and TV specials all over the world. Her Students have competed successfully in International Competitions and in Worlds and Olympics. She coaches and choreographs for students of all levels, from grass roots to champions.

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