YouTube vs Blog

This magazine, started in 2000, has always published varied and interesting articles. At some point in the last two decades, it became a blog. It is a blog now.

As the founder and publisher, I find that If I want to read about or otherwise consume information about a particular subject, I find myself doing it via YouTube videos rather than via online articles and blog posts.

With outside submissions drying up, and my own writings getting pushed aside, you will often find the most recent post here is quite old.

But having started in 2000, this makes the-vu one of the oldest magazines on the Internet. So I am determined to keep it live.

I invite everyone to submit interesting articles here, and be a published writer, not just a blogger or one of the millions who throws out a few seconds of trivia on social media.

Send in your writings and get them out there, on this long-established ancient electronic magazine.

Jeffrey the Barak

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