the-vu will be closing down

By Jeffrey the Barak.

This magazine, which looks like a blog, but was originally a magazine, went online in July 2000. It was one of the earliest online magazines.

I will be pulling the plug and closing down the URL between now and the autumn of 2024, so if you have written works still published here, or have a favorite article you occasionally return to, it is a good time to save the text and pictures to your local drive for posterity.

Submissions received lately have not been written by any real person. They are mostly AI generated articles designed to promote a product or service. These are never accepted here and have no value to any reader.

At one time there were thousands of readers every day. The Internet was still a new place to read articles. In today’s world the majority of people prefer short snippets on social media or videos on YouTube, and not many people stop by the-vu or similar magazines/blogs anymore. Some days see almost no visitors.

Just to simplify my life in general, the-vu is a venture that can be removed from my portfolio of questionable or obscure projects, and so when it comes time to renew hosting, registration etc., I will most likely wave goodbye to a quarter-century of expression via this site and remove it from the universe.

Perhaps someone will notice. Perhaps not.

Publisher and founder,

2 thoughts on “the-vu will be closing down

  1. I don’t know much about your online magazine and whether you should shut it down or not, but I did run into your CruiseMax 20 kickbike review back in 2022, and bought one based on your lengthy, positive review….and it IS an absolute dream. After every ride I still thrill at its grace, balance, good looks and ease of use … always feels like I’m benefitting from a tailwind (except going uphill of course).
    Thanks for posting your review, as I could not find any actual stores to try out a big wheel (>8 inch) adult kickbike here on the west coast.

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