Legal disclaimer

  • the-vu believes it’s sources to be reliable and we take care to provide accurate information. However, the-vu cannot be responsible for the correctness of any information contained within its pages. It is up to our readers to determine if any advice given by our writers is reliable.
  • Neither the-vu nor its writers can accept responsibility for anything that occurs as a result of a reader acting upon the advice or influence of the writers.
  • Please contact us to let us know if you want to reproduce, copy or re-publish anything on the site. We just want to know it is going to an agreeable kind of place.
  • Any perceived slight of a specific person or organization is unintentional. We love everyone.
  • Anyone considering any kind of legal action against the-vu, in any country, should reconsider, because we are really nice and we love you.
  • If you notice any image to be non-public-domain, please ask us to replace it with another one. We have not intentionally included any copyrighted images that would have any value to any entity.
  • We do not recommend that anyone should read the-vu with a trout inserted up his or her left nostril.

Ownership of our name.

Because the verb view is a commonly used English word, there are in the world today, many businesses, publications, products and productions, which have very similar names to

We chose this name, as suggested by a friend in a coffee shop, in 2000. As far as we know we were the first to have this name.

2 thoughts on “Legal disclaimer

  1. Im looking for an article I had found on here and saved to my favorites dated 2013, when I go to the link it brings me here but looks like the article may have been removed??? I feel like I looked the article up few mths ago and it was still here. Can’t find it from any of the key words anywere on the internet. It was an article “yes, cats really do smell terrible” was well written!!!!! I’d really like to be able to read it again & show it to a friend that argues with me that im the only one that thinks cats smell bad!!! Please let me know if this was were the article was & if it is still up some where, Thanks !


    1. Hi Mandy. Yes indeed that article has been removed.I do not think there is still an archive version due to how WordPress now works after a deletion.


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